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Home-Gardenbook  Members or readers are welcome to submit their self authored articles for publication. We are happy to help you format and insert graphics of your choosing or from our library of public domain pics and clip art. Each article will have a Facebook and/or Twitter link with a custom preview. The author may request that a comment section be enabled or not They may also request an email contact link either directly to their email or through an email relay via Home-Gardenbook. You may submit your article for submission by email. Be sure to include your name and a way for us to contact you. You do not have to have your name published if you choose or you may use a nom de plume instead. We will review the article for appropriate adherence to the field of home gardening and to the writing guidelines. 

How To Start A Crop Swap

Starting a Crop Swap

Gardening On The Cheap by F. Anderson, United Kingdom


Gardening On The Cheap!


Seedling Sentiment by Cheyenne Tucker, North Carolina USA


Seedling Sentiment


The Home Garden by Ron Tucker


The Home Garden




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