Overview of our temporary journal

The Home-Gardenbook member journal is really a social community program called “Elgg”. It is meant to act as if a Garden Journal book and a Social Network met on holiday, had a whirlwind romance and soon birthed a beautiful baby Online Journal.

A member first registers,

then receives an e-mail to authenticate, then signs in and sees options for


Activity – This is a running feed of all the activity in the community IF said activity is posted as public or by a friend or is labelled viewable by all users logged in. You can go to the individual blog posts, etc from there by clicking the hyperlinked area,

Blogs – Your blog is your actual journal. Think of it as similar to your Facebook page, On your blog you will post your gardening information. You can embed photos by placing your cursor where you want the photo to appear and then clicking the ‘Embed content’ button at the top of the box on the left. Alas the image icon in the standard blog tool box will only allow you to add photos by url (link) which is grand if they are somewhere online already.

Groups – These are public groups created by others or your self. You can make your own groups for special geographical areas or special types of gardening or special crops

Members – This is a list of all the members of the community. They can be viewed alphabetically or by the date they joined. If you click on them and then click on their profile logo you can see profile info they provided about their Hardiness Zone, location, type of gardening etc,

The Wire – Think of the wire as The character limit is currently sat witter for Home Gardeners.

Dashboard – The Dashboard allows you to custom tune the info you wish to see on your home page

Return Home – This is the easiest way back to the main Home-Gardenbook page. If you do not sign out before you exit you may lose some unsaved info.

More – This triggers three more options, to wit:

  •               Bookmarks – If you want to keep track of helpful sites on the net just enter their urls here
  •               Files – You can upload photos to your album or pdf files or other textual files. No videos please…yet.
  •               Pages – This is a page building and reading edotor that allows you to control who can read, edit and contribute. Let’s say you were writing an article about attracting bees and you and other members wish to each address different startegies or edit one another’s papers.

I encourage you to sign up, goof around, tell me things that are needed….be brutally honest.



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