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Providing gardeners an online approximation of a Garden Journal in which they  may choose to share some or all of their garden journaling posts. Users can post in their Journal about their garden milestones such as planting dates, germination dates, first bloom, first yield, soil amendments, pest mitigation, fungicides, types or varietals of plants, ….heck anything you would jot down in a paper journal. They can post photos of their gardens, create a bookmarks for articles of interest that can be shared via reference. They can decide if they want other members, friends to see some or all of their entries and compare and contrast their gardening journey with others.

An Online Garden Journal

You may share individual entries in your Garden Journal or keep them private.

Users may also

  • Message one another privately
  • Post to a site social media app called The Wire (Think garden Twitter)
  • Place gardening events on a calendar and share them with the group or keep them private for their use only.
  • Create a collaborative page where they may work on documents, schedules, designs etc with their friends.
  • Create or join groups that reflect the kind of gardening they do, gardening issues, the area in which they garden, recipes etc.
Crop swapping is growing in popularity


Home gardens are sometimes limited in area and sun exposure and by their soil composition. Therefore the home gardener may not be able to grow the variety of things he or she would like to grow. However if they can grow an overabundance of some things then another home gardener might very much wish to ‘swap’ out produce. We hope to allow home gardeners to meet and swap either in area user groups OR using our Market module.

So come help us develop a free community of garden journal sharing and mutual gardening assistance.

If you want to sign in to our Journal then click here to go to the login page and sign in if you already have registered. If not then choose Register. Post some entries, click on your profile avatar and upload a pic, fill out your profile with gardening related info, calendar some events, friend some folks.

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