Nothing beats the old handwritten garden journal EXCEPT it can’t be shared world wide without a lot of postage & copying.

Home-Gardenbook is meant to be a cross between a social network for gardeners and the old reliable garden journal. Imagine if you were to have a Facebook page devoted to JUST your garden. Status updates would be posts about things you planted, germination dates, ideas you have seen, soil amendments etc. You could browse back through your posts chronologically, and share your page or individual posts with friends or the public or keep them just for YOU.



Additionally, since we have like a whole website here,

we want to offer some other handy home gardener online functions.

Crop swapping is growing in popularity

CROP SWAPPING – Do you have some certain, particular crops that you love to grow over others? Maybe you

can grow them so well, in such quantities that you have too many of them. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could offer to swap some of your excess produce for some produce that another home gardener grew in excess? What a great way to bond, increase your variety of home grown veggies and maybe see some other cool gardens! Well we hope to allow users in specific geographical areas to meet online and swap their crops.



USER HOME GARDENING ARTICLES – There is a vast storehouse on untapped, unuttered home gardening

Share your home gardening knowledge on our blog

knowledge out there that should be shared. Not everyone wants to make a blog but they might be willing to write an article about some aspect of home gardening or a home gardening story. We hope to offer those users a place where they can have their article published for free and link to it for friends and relatives on other social media. Want to be a published author!…kinda! We can help.

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