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September 2020
30/9/202012:00 amBeans, Pole (seed, climbing vine) last day for fallFlorida
30/9/202012:00 amBeans Snap from seeds last day planting for fallFlorida
30/9/202012:00 amBean, Winged (Day-Neutral) (climbing vine) - Last date to plant for fallFlorida
30/9/202012:00 amLettuce, last day to plant for fallLouisiana
October 2020
1/10/202012:00 amBrussels Sprouts (seedling) - Planting range for WinterFlorida
1/10/202012:00 amBeets (seed) - Planting range for Winter- 50-65 days to maturityFlorida
1/10/202012:00 amSpinach, first day to plant and planting date rangeLouisiana
1/10/202012:00 amGarlic, first day to plant bulbs and rangeLouisiana
1/10/202012:00 amCollards, last day to plant.Louisiana
1/10/202012:00 amChinese cabbage, last day to plant for fallLouisiana
30/10/202012:00 amKohlrabi, last day to plant for fallLouisiana
November 2020
1/11/202012:00 amRadishes, last day to plant for fallLouisiana
4/11/202012:00 amFirst Frost for Baton RougeBaton Rouge
30/11/202012:00 amGarlic, last day to plant bulbsLouisiana
December 2020
15/12/202012:00 amEnglish Peas, first day to plant for spring and range.Louisiana