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Posting to a Journal Using the Individual Entry Posting Method

Printing your Journal Entries

How to insert images in your posts.

Setting Up Your Journal-Planting Calendar

Q. Is there going to be a charge later for Home-Gardenbook?
A. No, absolutely not. If the volume of photos and users becomes large enough we may add advertisements and/or add a voluntary donation button but there is absolutely no plan to ever charge for access to the site. If the upload of photos and pics creates increased hosting expenses beyond the ability of the owner of the site space to pay and beyond the ability to raise prices as mentioned before then much like any family we will cut back a little on ‘portions’ rather than turning away anyone.

Q. How can I print out my journal if I decide I want to switch to a loose leaf paper version or just have a back up?
A. While we encourage you to have a backup journal as we can not guarantee that the site might never go off line, there is no easy way to print out your journal. However if you choose to keep your journal using the ‘Page Method’ rather than the traditional separate journal entries method then it will be far easier to clip your journal and transfer it over to a Word document for easy printing. Otherwise you will need to open each journal entry, and clip it into a notepad or Word doc. We are currently trying to develop a ‘plugin’ that will automatically export your entire journal to a PDF but it is long and laborious. If you want to be kept up with the progress of this project just drop me an email and request to be notified when it is ready (if it is ready)

Q. Can I post videos of my home gardening on the Home-Gardenbook site or my journal?

A. Currently the answer is unfortunately no. However we are in the process of adding both a site hosted video module and a YouTube/Vimeo plugin. One or both should be active soon.

Q. Can I help develop the Home-Gardenbook site?
A. Oh yes indeed! We need ideas, testing of all the modules and plugins, coding help, graphic design help (Our logo is kind of depressing for example), help creating planting groups and setting up planting calendars…heck we need help knowing on what we need help.

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